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" M E T R O   H O L E " metro hole

When I came to San Francisco in 1970, work had just begun on MUNI METRO, the underground public transit system. One by one, the blocks of Market Street were dug up, starting at the Ferry Building, downtown. I moved to 17th Street, a few blocks uphill from Castro and Market, in February 1973. A few months later construction reached the Castro, known then as Eureka Valley. A huge hole was dug in the Castro/Market intersection for the Metro Station. Market Street traffic was rerouted along 18th Street and a wooden bridge was built over the hole for Castro traffic.

This picture looks west from that bridge up Market Street toward Twin Peaks. The next picture shows the besieged new restaurant, La Cucaracha, alongside the trench. The restaurant soon failed because patrons had trouble reaching it. Muscle Systems later took over the building and recently closed. The building is scheduled to be turned into a homeless shelter.

metro hole


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