C A S T R O    S C E N E    # 5
" T H E   C A S T R O   C L O N E " clone

The Castro Clone wore leather boots, tight Levi 501 5-button jeans, a wide black leather belt or no belt at all, t-shirt or tank top, and in cool weather either a leather jacket (often with no shirt) or a flannel shirt. Hippie beards gave way to moustaches, but long-ish hair held on for a while, eventually giving way to close cropped hair by the mid to late 70's.

These two party boys looking for trouble on Castro Street are Michael and Mitchell. Notice the bulge, an enhancement of the Clone look. It results from wearing tight Levi's with no underwear, and was/is a desired effect for cruising. Drinking beer on the street from a brown paper bag was an optional addition to the mystique.


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