Previously unpublished Family pictures of
-Harvey Milk-

with thanks to his nephew, Stuart Milk

Harvey in Navy uniform
Ensign HARVEY MILK - US Navy 1953

In February of 1999 I had the pleasure of spending a day with Stuart Milk, the son of Harvey's older brother Robert. Stuart was a teenager when his uncle was killed in 1978. I could see a definite resemblance between Harvey and Stuart. He and I have conversed via e-mail for a year, and Stuart offered to provide some pictures from the Milk family album, pictures that have never before been displayed in public. Those pictures appear on this page, thanks to the generosity of the Milk family.

Stuart Milk
Stuart Milk - 1999

Stuart promised to make more pictures of his uncle available as he goes through the items in his family's possesion. It is my hope that he will tell us how Harvey's life affected his family and what it was like to be the teenage nephew of Harvey Milk.

Harvey and Robert Harvey and Robert
Harvey, the little cherub on the right,
and Robert, who was 2 1/2 years older.
The Milk brothers as cowboys.
What is that weapon in Harvey's hand?

Harvey-wedding.jpg (36k) This picture of lieutenant junior grade Harvey Milk in dress blue Navy Uniform and the following 2 pictures were taken at his brother Roberts wedding on November 7, 1954. The next picture shows Harvey, the Best Man, toasting Robert and his bride, Audrey. The third picture is of Robert with his parents, William and Minerva Milk.

Harvey-toast.jpg (36k)
HARVEY MILK toasting the newlyweds Robert and Audrey Milk - 1954

 Minerva and Robert and William Milk
William and Robert and Minerva Milk - 1954

Milk publicity photo In the late 1960's, Harvey's conservative values were affected by the hippie movement and he went through major changes. He left Wall Street and soon became involved with the Broadway production of "HAIR" in New York City. This was his publicity picture for that show.

The next 2 photos show Harvey Milk with his brother Robert, and Robert's wife, Audrey in front of Castro Camera at 575 Castro Street, San Francisco in 1973. The store was also headquarters for Harvey's election campaigns.

Harvey and Audrey Milk
HARVEY MILK with Robert's Wife, Audrey - 1973

Harvey, Robert, Audrey
Harvey, Robert & his wife Audrey - 1973

Don and Stuart
Uncle Donald and Stuart Milk - 1999

Once again, a sincere and warm THANK YOU to Stuart Milk for his generosity in providing these pictures of Harvey Milk and his family. I was fortunate to have known Harvey Milk, and I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet his fine nephew.






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